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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My good friend Joe, with Johnny

Oh, and thanks ST for the unforgettable Bday!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Embracing the love of lynn and dan's recent event, here is a youtube tribute to dannyboy(www.danielthestone.blogspot.com), straight A medical student, abstract philosopher and renegade crimefighter between 7-8.30pm daily except on sundays and public holidays.

Btw, did anyone notice that if you combine lynn and dan's names, a la brangelina style, you get Lyndan? Hm.. that vaguely reminds me of a certain top badminton player from china.. well guys now you got some ideas for your kids' chinese names!

Well back to the vid, with spidey at his webslinging best.

thanks for the vid jeremy!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Many people have been asking about my good friend iZac lately. Apparently a certain rumour has been making its rounds across the island that iZac is a dude of uncommon looks and charm. Well here i am again to set the record right. iZac is actually a talking car, and in fact a distant relative of the slightly less famous Herbie the volkswagon beetle, though unlike herbie, who's gay, iZac is as straight as an uncoiled slinky.

Here are some pics of him:

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Recently, i was rather taken aback by some inquisitive comments posed to me by friends and relatives, especially those to whom i communicate online. They seemed to think i had taken a sudden interest in a less-than-socially-acceptable hobby, and was proudly publicizing it to the world. These assumptions stemmed from my occasionally used online alias, celeb_pROn.

Now i was pondering these strange new developments when my good pal iZac sent me this over msn:

pron Definition:
(Or "prOn") {1337}-slang for pornography. Often seen on {IRC} in such desperate cries for help as "I WNAT PRON!!!!!"

iZac also told me to search "celeb pron" on google. Suffice to say I am shocked to find that the vast majority of results were NOT fansites of the greatest Prawn in the world!

Well let me now clarify that celeb_pron is merely a shorter form of my usual moniker, Celebrity Prawn, and i have no particular interest in viewing britney spears or gurmit singh sans clothes.

My true identity is actually Milord Moo Mah Meng, but this piece of information is highly secret so please don't tell anyone.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the spirit of Chinese new year, a Tribute to:

Kerly Chan Bok Chu

prolific blogger (www.sharpertooth.blogspot.com) and pet breeder extraordinaire.
not forgetting founding member of the exclusive SCC (spontaenous combustibles club) and president of the Ghim's moll gang.

studying for horrid exams sucks!

but anywae,
yayness upon yayness!!
chinese new year is here :)

oh, i love chinese new year so.
coz i get to meet my favourite buns again!!
so eggciting!

i couldn't sleep the whole of last night thinking of todae,
and sure enough,
when i came downstairs this morning,
this is wad i saw !!!

my lovely buns,
oh i adore them so!!!

by the wae, i used to hate buns to the max!
coz when i was small jiejielyn used to force feed them to me,
even when she knows i dun really like them.
very evil indeed :(

but one dae, after she stuffed about 20 down my throat,
i suddenly realised buns were realli yummay!!
so i forgive you jiejielyn!
hee hee :)

look at my cutsie little bun,
very nice indeed!!

anywae, my friend iZac keeps brown buns,
and he offered to let me cross breed them with my white buns!
yayness !!!
and we got this,
light brown bunlops !!!
cool beans :)

yupp, then i bred them again and again and again (and again + 5.25 generations of exposure to ionised mustard gas with careful mendelian selection) to get this!!!

happy smiley bunlops!
hee hee:)

i must sae,
munchkin and citadel are officially my favourite bunlops!

they are so white and fluffy,
reminds me of their mama and papa, deMan and deHen.
oh, i love my bunlops so !!!

anywae, i just saw some cutsie bun tees online,
think im prolly gonna order some,
anybody wants ???


kerly :> you at 2.20AM

final order for watermelons or honeydews. gonna get them soon liao.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Like every great author has experienced in the history of the Written Word, the great Prawn has been, of late, suffering from writer's block. Due to my utter lack of creativity coupled with a highly uninteresting life, i have decided to base the structure of my following post upon that of the highly accomplished blogger and food critique - Foo Wee Yee, Lynn. (www.fooweeyeelynn.blogspot.com)

Knowing the magnanimous and effluvescent nature of this legendary blogger, i have little doubt that she would subscribe to the proverb of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery..

(i would also like to clarify that her latest post, on feburary 03, has nothing to do with prawns)

Tribute to Flynn Loo

Today my buddy iZac and myself, feeling peckish, decided drive around looking for some quaint eats for lunch. iZac reccomended me this place in seletar with great view and delicious food. Feeling incredibly hungry now, a tiny dribble of saliva emerged from the corner of my mouth while i imagined all the tasty stuff settled in my belly.

The place was great! we sat where we could have a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, which included seletar resevoir sparkling blue in the late afternoon sun and the verdantly grassed expanse of golfing green dotted with beautiful trees and cute little old men in caps pottering about their game of golf.

The weather was perfect. A gentle cool breeze offsetting the warm rays of the sun made it incredibly delightful, totally unlike the usual local conditions. We sat there chattinghappily, soaking in the atmosphere and feeling very relaxed indeed.

My nasi goreng with ikan bilis was fabulous! Lightly spiced fluffy grains of rice with generous portions of juicy succulent meat and fresh ikan bilis, topped off with sprigs of dark green basil for a delightful contrast. Heavenly. Such was the skill of the chef that each mouthful contained just the right porportions of rice, meat, veggie and seasoning to bring me to an orgasmic high KF seetoh and jamie oliver would have never experienced. Simply delectable.

All this gastronomic delight i washed down with generous gulps of 'liquidae chocolatae de heaven' on the rocks. This is a drink i highly reccomend. However i have not encountered anything with this name anywhere else! Having a distinct taste of subtley yet confidently mixed white and dark chocolates, prominent yet not overpowering, this yummy drink really lighted up my tastebuds and left me craving for more. It is also strangely energy boosting.

To top off my afternoon of tummy pleasure, i washed everything down with a glass of purified 'essence of ambrozia' water, which with each sip filled me with a sunny burst of euphoria, yet also ignited a deep and desperate longing for the wild and wonderful faraway lands of lost paradise. HEAVEN!!!

Halfway through our yummy meal, and lounging lazily on our comfortable chairs, 2 members of the local wildlife came to visit! The kingfisher on the right came first and soon the other came to join her. They took turns bathing in the man-made stream and indulging in the sunlight. i absolutely LOVE them..they're so cute with their long thick beaks and short stubby tail! not to mention their brilliantly sea blue feathers.
They frolicked merely 10m from where we were sitting for about 15 minutes before finally flitting effortlessly away for somemore fun elsewhere.

Absolutely beautiful.

All in all a wonderful afternoon. Totally worth every cent of the $4.50 i spent on the meal, which was totally srummilicous, deliciously scrumptious, scrumptiously delicious, and of course scrumptiously scrumptious.


iZac: yeah it was a superb lunch wasn't it! hahaha i totalli agree we must do it again soon!! :)

Blogger: are you sure you've got the right person? only 5 posts so far and i've won some award?

Linda, Naomi, Devon, Christy, Cindy: hey girls yes yes im kinda busy stop bothering me already!

Phoebe, Jessica, Jennifer: hehe love you too!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Some scenes of beauty from the natural world:

These were taken during a recent trip to genting highlands with ST... Thanks for waiting patiently for the um...45 minutes? while i took so many pictures of moths! ;)

doesn't everyone just love moths?

An eagle owl from the roman zoo.

A converation btwn me and the roman receptionist at the student hostel i was staying at last year in rome:

Me: How do i get to the zoo from here?

Roman: Huh? Rome has a zoo?

Me: err....

Roman: Why don't you ask the hotel reception 2 streets down?

Me (to hotel reception 2 streets down): hi how do i get to the roman zoo?

New Roman: Huh? Rome has a zoo?!

Me: ...

When you're abroad...everything seems novel. It took travelling to Florence to realise that pigeons are beautiful.

I've got some pictures of houseflies and snails if anyone's interested.

Andy the cat and Johnny the dog.

Johnny was 3 weeks old when this pictures was taken. He's much bigger now...

And if anyone's wondering..yes they get on pretty well all things considered.

And lastly ( for now)....the ultimate beast: